International SEO Strategy for Non-Dominant Language Audiences

International SEO Strategy for Non-Dominant Language Audiences

Want to target a specific, smaller second-language audience in a dominant-language country? Learn this SEO strategy for international business success.

International SEO

Welcome back for Episode 18 of The Hoth’s Learning Hub Series. These videos will help you better understand SEO and help you become an SEO expert fast.

Today we’re discussing international SEO, how you can rank internationally, and so much more!

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International SEO

International SEO Kya Hai | HREFLANG Tags

International SEO kya hai? Ye un sabhi activities ka ek combined naam hai jinke jariye aap search engines ko batate hai ki apki website ke kaun se pages kis country aur kis language ke visitors ke liye hai taki search engines kisi bhi visitors ko sahi page tak bhej sake.
International SEO un websites ke liye kiya jata hai jo ek se jyada countries ya/aur ek se jyada languages ke users ke sath deal karti hai.
International SEO me country targetting, language targetting, aur checkup naam ke 3 parts ho sakte hai.
Language targetting ke liye ham HREFLANG tags ko use karte hai. HREFLANG tags ko bhi is video me explain kiya gaya hai. HREFLANG tag ka tareeka, uske usecase ko aap aaj ke video me janenge.

International Targeting Report:

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International SEO kya hai | HREFLANG
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How to Rank a Website in a Specific Country | International SEO

IN This Video I have shared some International SEO tips which will help you to rank your site in a Specific Country.

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