Google Expands Business Messaging to Mobile Websites

Google Expands Business Messaging to Mobile Websites

Google is expanding Business Messaging with the ability for businesses to receive messages from more places across the web.

How To Make Money With Grow Your Business With Google Ads

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Sending Your First Message on Business Messages

Get started with Business Messages to connect with your customers when and where they need you. In this video, we’ll help you get set up with Business Messages as a messaging provider and you can experience your first conversation on Business Messages.

Speaker: Adam Chan

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Introduction To Google’s Business Messages

Welcome to Google’s Business Messages!

In this opening video, we explore the key challenges brands face today in communicating with their customers. And, how the Business Messages platform was built to meet this challenge to deliver delightful experiences to consumers.

Speaker: Josh Liss.

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Google My Business Messages NOW AVAILABLE on Desktops

As part of the Google My business suite Google has just rolled out the ability for local business owners to message prospective customers directly from their Google My business interface.
Initially only available via the app, this functionality is going to make life a lot easier for small businesses who spend more time dealing with clients queries using their computers rather than their phone
Find out what it means for you and how to track the messages you receive.
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Google’s Top Products Carousel: Everything You Need to Know

Google's Top Products Carousel: Everything You Need to Know

Have you noticed something new on the SERPs? Learn how to optimize for Google's Top Products Carousel, a new feature for retailers.

Top 10 Hidden Google Features (You’ve Never Heard Of)

Did you know about these secret features and services by Google?
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Google is a big company and has made a lot of stuff that most people have never heard of. Whether it’s a small but cool project, or a new service, or even neat little features built into Google search. This video goes over 10 of the coolest features and services by Google that are pretty much unknown and hidden, but now you can know about.


Google Shopping Free Listings // How to include your products in the organic Google Shopping results

Learn how to list your products in the free (organic) Google Shopping results using Google Merchant Center. We’ll also briefly walk through the steps to manually add your products in Google Merchant Center.

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Google has announced that moving forward, Google Shopping will include a combination of paid and free (or organic) results. The new results have rolled out in the U.S. and Google has said they’re coming to other countries by the end of 2020. This means if you’re not advertising your products with Google Ads, it’s the perfect time to get your products ready to be included in the free Google Shopping results. To do this you will need to set up your Google Merchant Center account, select the option to show your products across ‘Google Surfaces’, and submit your products.

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5 Best Google Products in 2022

5 Best Google Products in 2022

00:00 – Intro

00:09 – Google Pixel 6

01:33 – Chromecast with Google TV

02:56 – Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen)

03:48 – Google Nest Doorbell (Wired)

05:08 – Google Nest Hub Max

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The 1-Thing | Google’s New “Best Product” Carousel

Google have added a new feature to their search results which lists positively reviewed products upon a query looking for “the best” of something. But why exactly is this so important for brands, and how does one feature?

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Contributor: Max Trappler

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Google Offers Advice on Recovering From a Penalty

Google Offers Advice on Recovering From a Penalty

Google's John Mueller highlights two reasons why reconsideration requests fail. Offers solutions to help recover from a manual penalty.

How Long Will it Take to Recover from a Google Penalty

Google penalties can severely impact a business’s online presence and revenue. If a website receives a penalty from Google, it can cause the site to drop in search rankings, making it harder for potential customers to find the business through search engines. This can result in a significant decrease in traffic, leads, and sales for the business, making it much harder for the business to reach its goals and maintain profitability.

In addition to the immediate loss of traffic, a Google penalty can also damage a business’s reputation. People trust Google’s search rankings to provide them with relevant and trustworthy results, so a drop in ranking can give the impression that the website is unreliable or untrustworthy. This can harm the business’s brand and make it difficult to rebuild trust with potential customers, even after the penalty has been lifted.

Furthermore, fixing a Google penalty can be a time-consuming and costly process. The business will need to identify the cause of the penalty and make changes to the website to comply with Google’s guidelines. This can involve significant changes to the site’s content, structure, and technical setup, and may require the help of a professional to resolve. The process can take several months to complete, during which time the business may continue to suffer from a reduced online presence and loss of revenue.

Google Penalty Recovery How to Recover from It? – SEO XOOM

Google Penalty Recovery – How to Recover from It?

How to competetive backlink analysis – SEO XOOM Backlinks Management

How To do links research – SEO XOOM Backlinks Management

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#Difference between Followed Links and Nofollow Links
#Nofollow links
#Nofollow links pass referral traffic but no value to your website
#Nofollow links can benefit your website in Google’s local algorithm
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Google Penalty Recovery Tips – Inbound Links Penalty My site got hit so this is a real case study for me.

No I did not do any major link building so I am not happy at all.

Investigating your inbound links is not easy. You can download inbound links from Webmaster tools but you should also look at other backlink tools.

Sorting links in years in excel. Identifying bad links and more.

How To Recover From A Google Penalty (Case Study)

In this video, I review how I plan to recover one of my sites from a Google algorithm penalty. Want to build 7-figure blogs like me, join my blog accelerator →

00:00 Intro
00:30 Background
01:43 Why Do I Think The Site Declined?
04:35 Content Prune To Recover The Site
06:30 Content Refreshes
08:12 Internal Link Audit
09:21 External Link Audit
10:20 Building New Backlinks
10:50 How Long Until I See Results?

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